Organic Balsamics​ from Modena Italy

Gourmet Foods From Spain


Perfect for vegetable salads, fruit salads. Use instead of vermouth in a vodka martini.

CHOCOLATE & COFFEE 250ml This one is great on ice cream, cheesecake. But it almost serves as a mole if is is the last thing you put on a piece of grilled chicken or a steak before serving..


Perfect for fruit salads and for a healthy topping for vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.

McEvoy from the Petaluma Gap.


Perfect  for pasta, salads and meat

Gourmet Products from California

The Fermin products are shelf-stable and elevate your table whenever you are serving cheese and charcuterie or a full Spanish Feast..

TRUFFLE BALSAMIC 250ml This is the ideal finishing touch for a grilled steak or a pasta dish.

Whether you're a gourmet cook or you just want to put out cheese and charcuterie that will rock your taste buds and wow your guests, you need our products from Spain in your pantry and fridge.

RASPBERRY BALSAMIC 250ml A perfect condiment for ice cream and cheese cake. Also Plays well with chicken, duck or a fruit salad.


Good on pork, chicken cheesecake and ice cream..

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Rustic Baker crackers, cookies and crisps from Sonoma County

We have added some great new gourmet products from Spain that you will want to stock for your customers who love Mediterranean Cuisine

Palacios Chorizo

Jamon Serrano

Spanish style charcuterie


Olive Oil

Fruit Breads

Quince Paste