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Boat With Yellow Hull    16" X 20" oil on linrn     By Ernest Lacy

Baloon Vendor          60" X 42"          $6,000         oil             By Ernest Lacy

Waiting                   42" X 42" oil on linen                  By Ernest Lacy

Cream Cake       42" X 54"      oil onlinen        By Ernest Lacy

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Two Hulls Fisherman and Harbor  20" X 24" oil on linen  By Ernest Lacy

Five Tethered Boats         24" X 36" oil on linen         By Ernest Lacy

Speselora                              36" X 36" oil on linen                    By Ernest Lacy.

Beach Boats and Yellow Stripe   16" X 20" oil on linen   By Ernest Lacy

Cherry and Tomatoes         24" X 18" oil on linen       By Ernest Lacy

Egg and Plates                       48" X 54" oil on linen              By Ernest Lacy

Vegetable Vendors            30" X 40"     $3,000         oil         By Ernest Lacy

In addition to distributing specialty foods to retailers throughout California, the West Coast and Inter-mountain West, West Coast Flavor also sells fine art to individuals and designers

We will be releasing a limited edition of prints of images by the late Earnest Lacy. Mr. Lacy, one of my best friends, died on Superbowl Sunday in 2020. I am photographing great images to add to this site and will have a special show when Covid-19 is under control.

We have a large inventory of vibrant paintings by Ernest which work particularly well in homes, restaurants, specialty food stores and commercial settings. We welcome inquiries from the design community.

Our clients also find us helpful in locating great cookbooks and food-related accessories such as cutting boards, cheese trays and other table-top accessories.

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