Winter Warriors, oil on board by Neil Jacoby

Docked In Hawaii     Print    22.5" X 33" 

 By Ernest Lacy   $500

Yellow House oil on canvas 24X30" By Jean Jack  $3,800

Breakfast   oil on linen  42' x 54"   By Ernest Lacy     $5,400

Red Roof at Night   oil on canvas  20" X 20"   By Jean Jack   $2,400

West coast flavor fine art

Yellow Abstract    Print     15" X 22"   By Ernest Lacy  $95

Beach Boats and Yellow Stripe  oil 16" X 20"   By Ernest Lacy  $1,100

Purple Abstract   print   15" X 22"   By Ernest Lacy  $95

Guanajuato     watercolor      11" X 15 "       By Ernest Lacy       $1,200

Vegetable Vendors  Mexico   oil on linen  30" X 40"   By Ernest Lacy $3,000 


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Baloon Vendor  Mexico     oil   60" X 42"    By Ernest Lacy  $6,000  

Little Italy By Andrea Gaye

Bishop Cows 11" X14" oil on board

By Jean Legassic  $1,400.

Gauchos By Louisa Cooper oil on canvas

Lacy's Legacy

Cream Cake      oil on linen  42" X 54"    By Ernest Lacy   $5,500 

Speselora   Portugal    oil on linen  36" X 36"   $3,000       By Ernest Lacy

Confetti   print on paper 11.5" X 17" By Ernest Lacy $95.

Tulip embossed print  30" X 22" By Ernest Lacy  $145

 Roses    watercolor   24" X 17.5"    By Ernest Lacy       $600

Sail Boat Reflections embossed print   30" X 22"

By Ernest Lacy $145


Paintings by other artists

Yeii  mixed media​  By Ronald Chee  $1,800

Conception  16" X 20" monoprint  on paper  By Ernest Lacy   $225


Harvest Celebration 24" X 36" oil on linen

By Bruce Sanford Day   $5,500


Two Hulls Fisherman and Harbor  oil on linen 20" X 24"  Portugal

 By Ernest Lacy   $2,200​

Mikonos oil on board by Louisa Cooper

Fall is just around the corner. It's a perfect time to add this painting by Bruce Sanford Day to your collection. The setting in Solvang California.

Coffee and Roses    watercolor   14" X 11  By Ernest Lacy $450

We are releasing some of Ernest Lacy's early work. In the 1950s, Ernest created some amazing art prints that have just been found. Mr. Lacy, one of my best friends, died on Super Bowl Sunday in 2020.​ West Coast Flavor will celebrate Lacy's life and body of work during the month of July. Enjoy the new additions to our site. Call 714-744-9844 if you have any questions. 

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