Freak Flag Foods Pestos from Minneapolis Minn. are one of our latest additions..

2430-M N. Glassell St., Orange, CA  92865     714-744-9844

We recently added a line of organic seeds and grains from Avafina in British Columbia, Canada..

Gourmet Food

Make Space for the Squeeze!

The Terrapin Ridge spreads in squeeze bottles have been taking off like rockets. We just added their bacon aioli and pesto aioli to our Terrapin Ridge section. These elevate sandwiches and burgers to new heights. Bring them into your store today!

Le Bon Magot - New!

Savory flavors that pair with cheese,

pate, charcuterie  and grilled meats.

Our Tosteria whole been coffee is roasted by burning hardwood. It is smooth with no bitter aftertaste. Available in cases of eight..

For details on all the above categories, click on Gourmet Food Products..

​​​​Preservatory Preserves

New! Perfect with

wine and cheese!


Samples of our products are displayed at our warehouse showroom in Orange California..


We are located in the Fletcher Business Park at 2430-M N. Glassell St., Orange CA, 92865. You can reach us at 714-744-9844. We show art and accessories by appointment and at special events.

You can email us at to get a list of the scheduled events..

Organic balsamics in a
variety of flavors.

West Coast Flavor supplies top-quality products that keep customers coming back to your store. Contact us today for a complete list of brands and services. We deliver  throughout California and will expand to Oregon and Washington in 2019. Click gourmet food products to see which lines we distribute. 

Pickled Pink Pickles

Great on burgers, sand-wiches or snacks.

Terrapin Ridge
Mustards and Sauces, essential for great meals.

West Coast Flavor is an Orange California-based company that distributes  specialty foods to retailers throughout California, Oregon, Washington and the Rocky Mountain States. We also sell tabletop accessories, cookbooks and fine art to collectors and the design community. Make an appointment to visit our showroom by calling 714-744-9844. You may also reach us by Email at

West Coast Flavor Weekly Blog

I can',t believe it is already August. And still, I have not reached out to as many new stores as I had hoped. But let's concentrate on the positive.

West Coast Flavor recently added Mill Valley Market, Andy's Produce and Petaluma Market to our family of stores that sell the many fine lines we distribute. All three of these are located in Northern California, in Marin and Sonoma counties.

One of the great rewards of being in this business is that I get to travel to The Bay Area for four days to a week each month. On the trip up and back, usually up the 101 and back on the 5, I am constantly amazed at how important farming is to California.

We owe it to ourselves and the world to manage this great gift called California in a responsible and renewable way. We need to look at ways to better manage our water .resources as well as our political clout in determining the future course of our country.

If we set good examples on managing resources, treating all people with respect and dignity and becoming politically active, we can preserve the Great State of California and share our values with residents of other state. The result will be a better California, a better USA and a better world.

Jim Hathcock


Full-bodied but not bitter! This coffee is roasted over fires stoked with citrus, alder and ash. No matter what coffee maker you use, Tosteria delivers Italian Roasted coffee taste every time you brew. Add this to your pantry or the coffee section in your store. Available in 8-packs.

​​​​Sequoia Gold
Organic Extra
Virgin Olive Oil

We have purchased the website and will soon be moving all the information about our fine food products and accessories to that site. This site will be dedicated to the art we have for sale. If you have any questions about any of the images currently displayed on the site, please call Jim Hathcock at 714-744-9844.

We are on the MOVE!

We have just brought in some great new lines. Charlie & Sams: tea-infused chocolate covered almonds in bags or tins. Our customers can't keep them in stock.

Also check out The Date Lady. Date syrup, chocolate date syrup and coconut date syrup. We also have dates and date sugar from this great company.

While you are at it, treat your customers to some Runamok Maple syrup. Not just for pancakes and waffles. This premium syrup can be used in cocktails and as a glaze on pork, chicken and  duck.

In addition, we have added shelf-stable samalis from Il Porcellino Salumi, a Colorado producer that takes charcuterie and flavor to new altitudes.

​​We now carry all of the great products of Avafina. This Canadian company finds the best organic grains and seeds around the world. Whether your customers are shopping for pumpkin seeds or hemp seeds, Avafina offers the very best..

We sample products every month at our warehouse showroom, 2430-M N. Glassell, Orange, CA 92865. Call 714-744-9844 for dates and times.